Kat Performs ‘Grain of Salt’ Acoustically

I recently had the pleasure of joining Post City down at Sunnyside Park, here in Toronto, to share an acoustic version of ‘Grain of Salt’. The song appears on my record Bound. 

From the Post City blog post: 

"Kat Burns is charming, and more than a little flexible, which helps when our video shoot moves from the very noisy but fun Dufferin Grove Park all the way down to the idyllic shores of Lake Ontario. And lucky thing we did; Burns’ easy-breezy tunes are a perfect fit for the lakeside locale.

We set up shop on a little stretch of rocky shoreline in Sunnyside Park, far away from the hubbub of the massive pool filled with the sounds of summer (kids screaming) yet surrounded by a surprisingly high number of curious waterfowl.

Burns is, of course, the creative force behind the now-defunct Forest City Lovers and her new(ish) project Kashka, which released their second album Bound late in 2013. She is also set to embark on her first solo tour, details of which are on her website.

For this video, Burns plays the lovely song “Grain Of Salt,” off Bound. Enjoy!”

Kat Burns - Grain of Salt from City Hughes on Vimeo.

Tickets on sale NOW for my first solo tour!

Less than 35 tickets available for each concert. Tickets are by donation to reserve your spot. 

24 - Picton, ON: Woo Hoo Farm (Tickets here)
30 - Sarnia, ON: Festival of Good Things (More info here)
31 - Eden Mills, ON: Ryan’s Farm (Tickets here)

03 - East Vancouver, BC: Prophouse Cafe (Tickets here)
04 - Vancouver, BC: Dynamo Arts Association (Tickets here )
05 - Kelowna, BC: Streaming Cafe (Tickets here )
06 - Vancouver, BC: Krista’s Backyard (Tickets here)

This video brings me back to the beautiful warmth of Los Angeles; the beauty radiates from both the scenery and the lovely people I know in that city. Here’s me playing ‘Keep the Kids Inside’ at the top of the Hollywood Hills. The song appears on the Forest City Lovers album called Carriage. If you’re in LA, go take a hike up the hills and soak up the view. xo

Living Room Love-In: Seeking Hosts for Intimate Performances

The photo above is from a beautiful farmstead that I played at last weekend, in eastern Ontario. It was one of the most special nights. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about why I love touring and performing live. After jotting down a list I realised that, at the heart of things, I love meeting new people and sharing songs and stories with them. Music moves and inspires people as much as traipsing across our landscape does. I want to continue to do this in a sustainable and special way. Instead of chasing for the big shows and risk getting the sentiment lost in loud bars, I’m going to go small. 

Really small.

I am organising a small run of shows in late August and early September. I am looking for people that would be willing to open up a room in their home for three hours. Our team will take care of the rest. You don’t have to do anything except provide a space and check guests off a list at the door. Everything is taken care of in advance, to make it a pleasant experience for everyone involved. I will be playing from my entire discography, with selected songs from both KASHKA and Forest City Lovers albums. This is a rare chance to hear some songs that generally aren’t performed live anymore! If you are interested, and for a full list of dates we’re seeking, please read on below:

or visit www.playthetriangle.com/house-concerts 

That’s a wrap! New video coming soon.

Spent a long day yesterday shooting a video for ‘Body Like Lead’. Working with director Stephanie Markowitz and DP Iris Ing, along with a great crew, I walked through fantasy worlds and sang my heart out. I’m so excited to see the end result of this video, as a lot of hard work went into it. Can I mention how nice it was to work with almost all women on this set yesterday? A rarity in this industry.

I look forward to sharing the video with you, and hope to see you soon. Heading to the UK tonight…. wheels up! Catch me if you’re in Bristol, Caerleon or Wrexham!


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